A 22 Million Dollar Presentation
Created in Five Days

Marketing On-Demand

The Zahnd Team and Houseable were presented with an opportunity to bid on a massive contract with a type of client they had never worked with before. We worked closely with the executive team to strategize on how to best present their service offering to the client, and created the marketing material that would help close the deal, in less than five days.

  • Role

  • Copywriting

  • Creative Direction

  • Design

  • Print Management

  • Strategy

First impressions
They’re pretty important

Here’s the cover for the 22 Million Dollar presentation. It’s simple, clean, and communicates our value relative to the clients key pain-point. (Sensitive information has been blurred out.)

22 Million Dollar Presentation Cover Design

Six key steps
Creating a sales presentation

From the moment the opportunity came up, to the scheduled presentation date, we only had five days to get everything done. We worked through a six step process to correctly identify the opportunity and create the marketing materials to support a professional presentation.

  • Discovery: What is the opportunity? What are the clients goals? What are their pain points?

  • Strategy: What is the solution to achieve the clients goals? How can we implement it?

  • Copywriting: How do we articulate our solution and value in the way that the client needs to hear it?

  • Design: How can can we visually communicate our solution, establish our brand, and reinforce our value?

  • Finalize: Make any last-minute changes, decide on printing specifics (size, weight, feel, etc..).

  • Deliver: Print the final documents, ensure final quality, and get them in the hands of the client.

Finding the right words
Communication value

Copywriting and imagery work together to create a cohesive narrative for the presentation. We utilize images to help establish the initial ideas a client will get when looking at a page, then we craft custom messaging to communicate to the client with the words that will most effectively get our ideas across.

22 Million Dollar Presentation About Layout 22 Million Dollar Presentation About Layout 22 Million Dollar Presentation Review Layout

Your next opportunity
What’s it worth?

The key to closing a deal is effectively communicating your value, and creating a great client experience. That starts with the first piece of marketing material your clients see. If you’re looking at a new opportunity for your business, or don’t feel your current marketing materials effectively communicate your value and your brand, then let’s talk.

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