A Touch Of Class
A Whole Lot of Brand

Refining a Brand for the Highly-Refined

A Touch Of Class is on a mission to make your ideal space a reality. Working closely with Rob, the principal and lead builder, we dove into why he does what he does, what makes him different, and who his ideal clients are. We ended up re-focusing his business and his brand to connect with the types of clients who allow him to do great work.

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  • Brand Strategy

  • Design

Focused and authentic
The new wordmark

Since A Touch Of Class specializes in high-end, architecturally inspired interior renovations, we created a wordmark that incorporated the clean-lines of modern architectural trends and the subtle details that are found within.

A Touch Of Class logo

Familiar but new
The color palette

The new color palette was designed to be familiar to the architectural client but also include a splash of color to stand out and show some personality.

A Touch Of Class colors

Reading attitude
Choosing typefaces

A clean and pronounced typeface brings all the headlines forward and continues the architectural theme. An easy-to-read typeface for everything else rounds out the reading experience.

A Touch Of Class Typography

Do work that matters
For people who care

The first step to building a brand is a company Deep Dive. During this process we helped Rob identify the clients that he enjoyed working with and who also valued his skills the most. We then re-positioned his service offering and brand to speak to those clients.

ATOC image

Ready for the future
The Brand Strategy

In addition to the visual identity of the brand the following components were completed as part of the Brand Strategy. Together they serve as the foundation for creating consistent, authentic messaging:

  • Ideal Client Profiles,

  • Purpose, Vision, Core Values & Mission Statement,

  • Personality & Voice,

  • Value Proposition, Tagline & Messaging Pillars,

  • Comprehensive Brand Guidelines Document.

Brand Strategy Wheel

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