Brand Strategy Development
Building Brands

The goal

The goal of Brand Strategy Development is to create a brand which accurately communicates your company’s values in a way that engages with your ideal clients and positions you as an industry leader for your service offerings.

Who is this for?

Brand Development is for businesses who want to create consistent, memorable experiences that turn people into loyal customers.

The process

The process of Brand Development follows three steps:

  • Discovery: Deep dive to understand your business, it’s goals, and it’s ideal clients.

  • Strategy: Determine how to authentically represent your brand and position it in the market.

  • Creation: Design all the visual and marketing assets needed for your brand (logo, fonts, colors, etc..)

The deliverables

Once a Brand Strategy Development is successfully completed you will receive the following deliverables:

  • Brand Strategy Overview

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Ideal Client Profiles

  • Client Journeys

These documents are the starting point for your entire brand. All future design, marketing, or content creation would follow these guidelines to ensure a standardized and well thought-out brand experience for all who engage with it.

The first step

The first step is an intensive Deep Dive to understand your company’s values, service offerings, and ideal clients. It takes between four-to-six hours on-site with any partners or stakeholders you have in your company. It is a combination of information gathering, working, and exploring ideas.

Once we agree upon a time to do the Deep Dive I’ll send you the following documents so we can hit the ground running and get the most out of the Deep Dive:

  • Pulse Document: this will give me an initial overview of the current state of your brand and business

  • Expectations Document: this will help you better prepare for the process