We create experiences that connect with real people.

Here are some select clients from a few different industries.

  • Houseable

    As a founding partner we’ve touched every aspect of this Cloud Brokerage solution – from company strategy to brand creation and technology development.

  • The Zahnd Team

    The long-term relationship with The Zahnd Team focuses on the development of the team’s brand and it’s assets, including all things print, lead generation, and digital marketing.

  • CVMA

    What started as project to modernize the CVMA’s website has grown into an ongoing relationship to maintain and manage it’s content throughout the years.

  • Off The Lens

    Working with the founding team we completed a brand strategy overhaul updating the companies branding, creating a new visual identity and messaging components to provide a solid foundation for future growth.

  • Surpriise

    We provided responsive web design and development support to the Surpiise Team, building out the interactive assets for their gift-giving process – from website to web application.

  • Ripped Canadians

    We worked with the Ripped Canadians team to design and develop a custom shopify e-commerce store with a focus on mobile-friendly user experience.

  • Station Earth

    A long-term relationship that began with solidifying their brand and designing marketing materials for touch-points that help communicate their brand values to clients.

  • A Touch Of Class

    Refocused and refined the Touch Of Class brand from the inside out, creating a visual structure and messaging components to help connect consistently and authentically with their ideal clients.

  • Detailed Works

    With the management team at Detailed Works we modernized their brand, redesigned their print materials, and built a beautiful website to showcase their work and standout in their industry.

  • Range Media

    Working with the Range Media team we provide technical expertise and on-demand support to maintain their network of publishing websites and develop new features and integrations.

  • Rebellion Media Sports

    Worked with the founding team to create a brand, develop content creation tools, and a build a network of sports websites that served over 3 million visitors per month.

  • Findlay Mortgage Team

    Worked with the founding partners to identify their ideal clients, determine their mission, vision, core-values, and messaging pillars as part of their Brand Strategy.

  • Kilgharrah Asset

    This asset management company needed their brand solidified and a website created to establish their presence online for clients and potential investors.

  • Jingu

    We worked with the founding team at Jingu to optimize their server infrastructure to handle the rapidly increasing traffic from their popular mobile app.

  • Bronte Construction

    This relationship has grown from website maintenance and development to strategic implementation focusing on utilizing their website to achieve business growth goals.

  • Brick One

    The partnership with Brick One has included the design and development of an industry-focused website to help the business development company establish a foothold in their market.

  • Dream Payments

    We worked with the startup to design and develop their first website to educate the market on their product and generate interest from potential clients and vendors.

  • Document Investments

    The source of office equipment and office supplies in Toronto wanted to build a website that made it stand apart from the typical office supply company – we helped them make it happen.

  • Guelph Magic Show

    We developed the brand, marketing assets, and digital campaign to help this one-of-a-kind charity event raise funds for the Guelph General Hospital, as part of my Community Growth Program.

  • Collaborative Justice

    We helped this non-profit organization establish it’s brand and a online presence to support it’s innovate approach to merging social and criminal justice in Ottawa.

  • Bellamy Electric

    Working with Bellamy, we designed a website to help establish their brand online and set them up for future success in the energy solutions industry.