Digital Drapes
A Dynamic Installation


I covered all of the windows of a top-floor apartment in a grid of programmable LED’s to turn the entire space into a canvas for dynamic visualizations.


Digital Drapes is the intersection of light, motion, and architecture, showcasing how spaces all around us are canvases waiting to be brought to life. The goal was to integrate visualizations into the design of the building itself, making the entire floor feel like it was being activated.

In the end, six grids were created to fit in each window, which continuously looped through a three minute long sequence of vibrant visualizations at the corner of one of the busiest intersections in Waterloo, Ontario during the LUMEN Art + Light Festival.


Digital Drapes – An Unofficial Installation

Play Video: Digital Drapes by MattCreative

Digital Drapes Macro

Digital Drapes Heart


The development process included building out the grids and programming them side-by-side. They were tested in the windows only two days before the installation to ensure the visual effect was as expected. The arrangement of the grids during the program testing process created some cool shots.

Digital Drapes – Matrix Sequence

Play Video: Digital Drapes – Matrix Sequence by MattCreative

Digital Drapes – Transition

Play Video: Digital Drapes – Transition by MattCreative

Digital Drapes – Fire Sequence

Play Video: Digital Drapes – Fire Sequence by MattCreative


This installation utilizes 3,300 LEDs across six grids that are custom built to fit in each window of my apartment. A total of 250ft of PEX pipe was used to create the grids, each 5ft tall, with a combined length of 28ft when lined up side-by-side. A single wifi-enabled Arduino controlled the installation. Custom (as well as out-of-the-box) algorithms were used to create the lighting patterns across all of the windows.

Eight unique animation sequences, and seven custom transitions were created – including an introduction sequence that creates a visual of scanning and mapping the apartment windows before the show starts. The entire show runs for about three minutes from start to finish and loops continuously.

Feedback 5

The installation supports three primary layout types; Linear, Distributed, and Abstract. The visualizations can also be customized to work with the space they fill, an event theme, or support specific start and stop times.

Feedback 5


This installation is currently available for placement at weekly, monthly, and longer-term timeframes. You can download a one-pager with more information about the installation, it’s customizations and requirements.

Special Thanks

This installation is possible thanks to the generous support of the following people:

  • Cedric Puddy,

  • Matt Bolger,

  • Ryan Rielly,

  • Mike Cloutier,

  • Scott Voss.