E-commerce Development
Selling Online

The goal

The goal of the e-commerce development is to get your business selling online as quickly and easily as possible, while supporting and re-enforcing your brand.

Is e-commerce for you?

Selling online has quickly become a standard tool business rely on to drive growth and find new customers in a digital world. If you sell a product or commodity-based service, then allowing people to find your product and buy it online can be an essential tool to grow your business.

You don’t need to rebuild your entire website

The days of needing to completely redesign and develop your website into a store to sell online are gone. While I still do large e-commerce developments that span hundreds of products and collections which require a complete website rebuild, there are new e-commerce tools available that allow us to integrate into your current website, or use existing third-party platforms.

These tools give us the flexibility to create a plan which gets your business selling online in a way which best supports your goals and the products you sell.

You don’t have to be a web guru

Modern e-commerce tools are simple and easy-to-use with a bit of training. That’s why all of our e-commerce products come with the training you’ll need to manage your store, fulfill your orders, and maintain your online sales going forward.

If you’re still not comfortable doing it all yourself, or just want the comfort of knowing an expert is handling it, we’re happy to work together to manage aspects of your online business for you!

The process

The process of e-commerce development follows four simple steps:

  • Discovery : Understanding your business and the products you sell.

  • Strategy: Determine which e-commerce solution and workflow is best for you.

  • Creation: Design and build everything that you’ll need.

  • Training & Support: Teach you how to use the new tools you have, and support you along the way.

Getting started

If you’re ready to take your business online and find new customers to drive growth, then the first step is to schedule a discovery call to talk about your business and your goals.