An Interactive Experience


Our environment is always trying to find balance to survive. People can easily overwhelm natural systems. This park is alive and knows you’re here. It will make you aware of this balance in real-time through light and rhythm.


Feedback is a 2021 LUMEN Lite Installation for the City of Waterloo. It is a combination of art, light, and technology that observers can interact with simply by being present.

The exploration of the interactive art space provides an opportunity to meet the audience in person and create an experience that provokes deeper conversations around topics that are relevant to society and the human condition.

Our effect on the environment is often hidden from us by natural complexity and time itself. I wanted to find a way to visualize the interaction between a person’s presence and the environment, in real-time, through color and rhythm. The result is an experience that creates a deeper awareness and understanding of the impact our individual and collective actions have on the surrounding environment.


Feedback 1

Feedback 2

Feedback 3
Feedback 4

Feedback 5
Feedback 6


This installation utilized over 300ft of LED’s, wifi Arduino controllers, and wireless sensors to detect people nearby. Custom algorithms and lighting patterns were created that would modify the color and rhythm of the LEDs in real-time based on the number of people within the installation area. The process of sketching, approvals, prototyping, fabrication, and installation was completed in 30 days.

Special Thanks

This installation is possible thanks to the generous support of the following people:

  • Mark Hallman,

  • Cedric Puddy,

  • Daniel Bujak,

  • Stewart Russell,

  • Kor Reinink,

  • Rich Nguyen,

  • Danial Marin.