Ripped Canadians
Making Gains on-the-go

Raising the bar in the Supplement World

Ripped Canadians is the Northern extension of an international supplement company. They wanted to redesign their mobile e-commerce experience to be intuitive and user-friendly - something that didn't exist in the supplement industry at the time.

The result is a custom Shopify store that made on-the-go supplement shopping a breeze.

  • Role

  • Creative Direction

  • E-Commerce Development

  • User Experience Design

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

Step inside
A store in your screen

With over 300 products in the store it’s important that customers can find what they’re looking for easily. We made the homepage as helpful as possible with a prominent search bar and visual categories.

Ripped Canadians Home

Lending a hand
On those hard names

We used predictive search to show customers the products we thought they were searching for, as they were typing – making it easier to find those hard-to-pronounce products.

Predictive Search shot

What’s in stock?
Scrolling through the aisles

Browsing through products online can be an information overload sometimes. Clear filtering tools, and clean product tiles make searching through the store easy on any screen size.

Ripped Canadians Product Tiles

Perfect product pages
Quick-and-easy add-to-cart

Product pages are kept clean with expanding sections containing all of the information a customer would need. Instead of traditional drop-down selectors, we show all of the possible options available so customers can see everything at once, making size and flavour selection super simple on-the-go.

Ripped Canadians Product Page Shot 1
Ripped Canadians Product Page Shot 1

Goals on-the-go
Trying something new

In addition to product discovery features like categories, brands, and collections, the shop also lets customers search via their health goals. Educational supplement information and product recommendations create a unique way to discover new types of products.

Ripped Canadians Goals

Finishing strong
A clean checkout

The mobile checkout process can be quite messy, with tons of information confusing customers. We stripped away all the unnecessary stuff to keep the checkout process simple and smooth without loosing any functionality.

Ripped Canadians Checkout 1
Ripped Canadians Checkout 2

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