Social Media Management
Creating Connections

The goal

The goal of Social Media Management is to create connections with people by sharing stories and information about your brand and services.

By strategically creating content that is authentic to your brand, we can engage with your ideal clients in a way that stands out from the rest.

Strategic content creation

Your plan is unique to your business and your brand. Content categories specific to you will help organize messages that will be shared with the world. Authentic story-lines and over-arching themes create continuity for people to follow along with, and strategically placed calls-to-action help drive engagement.

What’s included

Our Social Media Management packages include:

  • Strategic Content Categories

  • Complete Content Creation

  • Automated Posting

  • Monthly Optimization

First steps

The first step is an initial two-week strategy session where we develop your overall strategy, story-lines, and graphic assets that will drive content creation throughout your plan. Everything developed here is fluid, meaning we can update it and optimize it as we go, depending on engagement or developments in your business or brand.

The process

The Social Media Management process typically runs on a one month cycle. Every month the following process is repeated:

  • Strategic Content Creation: we create and schedule all of the content for the entire cycle;

  • Client Review: you review the content and give it the thumbs up;

  • Content is Pushed: content is automatically posted for the rest of the cycle;

  • Review & Optimization: we review content engagement and optimize the strategy if necessary.