Station Earth
A Brand Experience

Communicating Brand Values through Design

Station Earth is an Award Winning Home Automation Company that needed their new series of marketing materials to reflect it. They had a logo, but no clear, consistent brand guidelines or overall style. We were brought in to establish guidelines and create branded materials that communicated the company's passion for excellence through beautiful design, and high quality printing.

The result is an on-going relationship which sees new materials created every year.

  • Role

  • Brand Development

  • Creative Direction

  • Print Design

Looking inside
Identifying brand values

Station Earth does beautiful work, and it speaks for itself. We had to listen, identify their brand values, and translate them into guidelines, elements, and an overall style we could reference going forward.

Station Earth home theatre

Creating an experience
It’s all in the details

We wanted the experience of handling their print materials to be a direct reflection on the quality of work they delivered. We gathered up high-end brand materials to determine what elements created the highest quality experiences – identifying textures, sizings, bindings, finishings, and paper quality.

Station Earth magazine layouts

On your marks. Get set. Go!
Time to get moving

The first piece we designed was a book for a yearly event held for Station Earth’s clients on a private race track. The book was to be given out as a keep-sake for clients to remember the experience, and build brand loyalty.

Station Earth Hot Laps Event

Laying it out
The internal structure

It was clear photography would be a primary design element, so a bunch of layouts were created to keep things interesting. Large bold headlines, defined space for copy, and sharp white lines helped make it organized and beautiful.

Station Earth

Telling stories
Pulling it all together

A story-line helped organize the photos and direct the narrative for the copy that was written. We then managed the printing process to ensure the highest-quality piece of branded material was delivered.

Hot Laps Interior 1 Hot Laps Interior 2 Hot Laps Interior 4 Hot Laps Interior 4 Hot Laps Interior 5

Through the years
Consistency is key

Every year a new book is created for the event. A prized photo is selected for the cover – adding to the collection for returning guests.

Hot Laps 2016 Cover
Hot Laps 2017 Cover
Hot Laps 2018 Cover
Hot Laps 2019 Cover

New materials
The collection grows

As new materials are needed they follow the same brand guidelines and design structure that was initially created, resulting in a consistent brand impression for clients.

Services Cover
Services Interior 1
Covers Stacked

Setup for success
Building on the foundation

Now that the brand guidelines and overall style have been established, they act as a foundation for all other marketing materials that will be created. Some of the benefits of this setup are:

  • The company’s values have been identified and solidified

  • Consistent and clear branding helps build recognition

  • Thoughtful and articulated messaging communicates value

  • Guidelines help new design work get created faster

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