Strategic Creative Direction
Driving Growth

The goal

The goal of Strategic Creative Direction is to provide brand development, creative design, and technology services that support a business’ marketing initiatives.

We work alongside key decision makers as an internal creative resource which is immersed in the business’s brand strategy, processes, and goals.

Services managed

All creative services managed fall into four categories:

  • Brand Strategy Development

  • Marketing Management

  • Creative Design

  • Technology Implementation

Save time, energy, and money

There are many benefits to working with a Strategic Creative Director:

  • You don’t have to become an expert in branding, design, marketing, and technology

  • You don’t have to vet, interview, or negotiate with third-party companies for every project;

  • You don’t have to learn how to communicate, or hold different creative assets accountable;

  • You don’t have to drive branding, design, marketing, or technology projects.

With a trusted Strategic Creative Director you have a partner in your business. You have a self-motivated driver for major projects – bringing strategy and information to you while implementing for you.

Service packages

Service packages are based on the amount of strategy and implementation hours a business will need per month. The state of the business’s branding, technology, marketing, and design, as well as their current goals, will help determine how many hours are needed to deliver success.

All of our service packages come standard with:

  • Strategic Calls: access to your Strategic Creative Director for advisory discussions;

  • Blended Rate: fixed hourly rate for all services provided to keep billing simple and straightforward;

  • Rollover Hours: unused hours rollover to the next month to account for slow and busy seasons;

  • Additional Hours: additional hours for projects can be allotted at an exclusive rate.