Website Partnership Program
Supporting Growth

The goal

The goal of the Website Partnership Program is to help clients achieve their strategic business goals by providing on-demand access to expert Branding, Technology, Marketing, and Design services.

The situation

Whether you’re a smaller business without an internal Creative Team, or you’re a larger company looking to bring in some expertise, we provide expert, on-demand strategy and implementation skills across the entire range of Branding, Marketing, Technology and Design services.

We focus on establishing long-term partnerships that can scale with your company, giving you access to the resources you need, without having to hire and manage a full internal team yourself.

What I do

I am an expert implementor who bridges the gap between business goals, strategy, and creation. With over 12 years of experience providing Branding, Technology, Marketing, and Design services I am able to understand problems at a very high-level then find creative and technical solutions to solve them.

I leverage my extensive network of vetted and experienced contractors to build teams that are perfectly equipped to solve your problems. My ability to understand ideas and communicate with extremely technical and highly creative people allows me to ensure the highest quality of final product.

Working together

Our Website Partnership Program is a monthly retainer program that provides you access to all of the services we provide, at a blended rate. There are two main levels of services we can provide – Dedicated Fast-Response Support, and Dedicated Maintenance and Development Support.

Dedicated Fast-Response Support

Dedicated Fast-Response Support is for companies that need support for mission-critical systems and require immediate turn-around time. We have a dedicated team ready to deal with emergency technical issues or last-minute design work giving you piece of mind that you are covered.

Dedicated Maintenance & Development Support

Dedicated Maintenance & Development Support is a guaranteed block of hours used to drive strategic goals forward every month. This is a more scheduled and structured approach to resource usage. Even though we do support a fast turn-around time for requests, it is not advised for mission-critical support.

Getting started

If the Website Partnership Program sounds like it can be a win-win situation for your business then let’s schedule a time to talk about how we might work together.