Your strategic creative partner with proven implementation skills.

Who we are

MattCreative is a Canadian-based design studio led by Matt Jones – founded in 2008 out of a desire to create better experiences on the web. Over the years, a love of technology, design, and business has allowed Matt to become an expert implementer, managing multi-disciplinary teams to build products that bridge the gap between business goals and user needs.

Matt has expanded his technical and leadership skills across multiple crafts, ultimately performing in the follow roles: Senior Consultant at Deloitte, Product Manager at Staples, Staff Engineer at Faire, and CTO/Co-Founder of Houseable.

What we do

We leverage a highly-skilled network of creatives to build hand-picked teams that breathe life into projects, with a focus on creating exceptional brand experiences that drive business goals.

Services Offered


  • Creative Direction

  • Brand Strategy

  • Communication Systems


  • Website Development

  • Web Engineering

  • Process Automation


  • Campaign Development

  • CRM Integration

  • Marketing Automation


  • Visual Systems

  • User Experience

  • Digital & Print