Creative Partnership Program
Building Bridges

The goal

The goal of the Creative Partnership Program is to help your clients achieve their strategic business goals by leveraging Branding, Technology, Marketing, and Design.

The situation

Whether you’re a business coach who is helping a company with their strategic planning or an executive-level contractor working to drive strategic business goals for your clients, you can often hit a roadblock of not having access to the Branding, Technology, Marketing, and Design expertise needed to achieve your clients’ goals.

Having a reliable partner who can understand business goals, translate them to an effective plan, drive its execution, and be held accountable for the results can be the difference in getting a massive win for your clients. This is where the Creative Partnership Program can help.

What I do

I am an expert implementor who bridges the gap between business goals, strategy, and creation. With over 12 years of experience providing Branding, Technology, Marketing, and Design services I am able to understand problems at a very high-level then find creative and technical solutions to solve them.

I leverage my extensive network of vetted and experienced contractors to build teams that are perfectly equipped to solve your problems. My ability to understand ideas and communicate with extremely technical and highly creative people allows me to ensure the highest quality of final product.

Working together

There are two main ways we can work together – the White Label System or the Referral System. Which one is right for you will depend on a couple of factors.

White Label System

The White Label System allows you to maintain a streamlined brand experience with your clients and leverage your relationship to upsell additional services through your company. With this system, you are the go-between between my team and your clients. I bill you for services and you bill your client as you’d like.

Referral System

The Referral System allows you to be as hands-off as possible while still providing your clients with access to the services needed to drive their business goals. With this system, you make the introduction between my team and your client and then I manage the rest of the process. You get a percentage of the project total as a referral fee.

Getting started

If the Creative Partnership Program sounds like it can be a win-win situation for your business and your clients then let’s schedule a time to talk about how we might work together.