Think like a designer.
The Seven Step Design Review.

While design is hugely subjective, there are still some basic underlying principles that will guide you into the realm of clear, easy to digest visual creation.

Here are the seven steps we follow when reviewing a design:

01 – Information Hierarchy

Is there a clear visual hierarchy between all of the elements? Is the most important element seen first, the second most important second, and so on?

02 – Margins and Padding

Is the empty space around elements (text, images) consistent on all sides? Is the amount of space between different elements consistent or proportionally related?

03 – Alignment

Is all of the written content center, left-aligned, right-aligned, or a combination of both? We want to be consistent – so pick one alignment and use it throughout the design.

04 – Scannability

Is a person able to scan the design quickly and understand the overall message without having to read the whole thing?

05 – Typography

Are the font sizes, weights, styles, and colors consistently used? Are differences chosen to distinguish elements or create hierarchy?

06 – Color

Is color being used in alignment with brand guidelines? Are different colors chosen to distinguish elements or create hierarchy.

07 – Clean Up

Are there any styles, elements, or information that can be removed without affecting the overall message?

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