Off The Lens
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Refocusing a Brand that's focused on the Community

Off The Lens is on a mission to create meaningful content that drives engagement. Working closely with the company's founder Brayden, we uncovered why he does what he does, what makes his company different, and who his ideal clients are. We refocused the existing brand and created a new visual identity that connects with the types of clients who allow him to do great work.

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  • Brand Strategy

  • Print Design

Good from every angle
The updated logomark

The existing logo elements were reorganized to create a more versatile logomark. An additional white ‘knockout’ was created to allow for placement on dark background colors. The text can also be stripped away to create an icon when space is limited.

Off The Lens logo
Off The Lens Secondary

Focusing on the elements
The foundation of a brand

Existing color palettes and fonts were streamlined and standardized. New patterns and textures were created to help solidify the foundational elements of the visual identity of the brand.

Off The Lens colors
Off The Lens colors
Off The Lens pattern 2

Choosing photography
More than meets the eye

Since Off The Lens is focused on helping local businesses and driving community growth, we skipped the typical expensive cars and product shots and selected photography that would showcase people, environments, and communities.

OTL image

Putting it together
The visual identity

The end result is a visual identity that speaks to the professional, high-quality social media content and strategy work that Off The Lens creates.

Off The Lens Assets

Ready for the future
The Brand Strategy

In addition to the visual identity of the brand the following components were completed as part of the Brand Strategy. Together they serve as the foundation for creating consistent, authentic messaging:

  • Ideal Client Profiles,

  • Purpose, Vision, Core Values & Mission Statement,

  • Personality & Voice,

  • Value Proposition, Tagline & Messaging Pillars,

  • Comprehensive Brand Guidelines Document.

Brand Strategy Wheel

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