A New Wrap on Gift Giving

Building a Seamless User Experience

Surpriise is an app that re-imagines digital gift-giving by adding an interactive twist to how gifts are sent and received, thanks to the creative work of their top-notch design team. We were brought in to bring their designs to life by building out the interactive assets for the gift-giving process - from website to web application.

The result is a beautiful and seamless user experience for gift-givers and receivers.

  • Role

  • Website Design

  • Website Development

Focusing on fun
Different from the start

The Surpriise app’s design team had a very colorful and interactive vision that permeated ever aspect of the user experience. The homepage had animated tiles that were built to respond to movement on the page.

Surpriise Home Page Design

It’s in the details
User touch points

Custom assets were built to maintain brand consistency across every user touch-point, like email.

Surpriise Email

Flexible design
Flexible development

Gifts can be given from friends, companies, or brands, to one person or many, with games attached, time limits, or competitions – there are tons of options. Assets had to be built to support a ton of flexibility and look great while doing it.

Surpriise Giftcard
Surpriise Mobile Giftcard 1
Surpriise Mobile Giftcard 2

Play hard
Work hard

Building a business or an application is a lot of work, and its hard to do it all sometimes. There are lots of benefits to sourcing your development projects out to a highly skilled team, like the Surpriise app did:

  • you don’t have to hire developers internally

  • you don’t have to manage developers directly

  • you get to focus on the design of your product and its assets

  • you get your project built faster by leveraging additional skilled resources

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